WSU SST 2703 - Pretend Company A Pretend Company for the purposes of education

Welcome to Pretend Company

Albornoz, S

Bartley, G

Bench, Steven

Briones, Jennifer

Burkes, Amanda

Coombs, J

Cosper, Tres

Glispy, Jason

Jenkins, Ellen

Lujan, Anthony

McCann, Joshua

Mikesell, Zack

Moody, Aaron

Musselman, Ashley

Osborne, Ryan

Serna, Cameron

Simpson, Ryan

Smith, Russell

Trumble, Sean

Wall, Spencer

Watson, Kaili

Wiberg, Brailee

Wilkinson, Shanna

Youngberg, Natasha


You've found yourself at a site for Weber State University students who are enrolled in SST 2703 (Sales Service Technology Department - Internet Sales and Service 2703).

Pretend Company, Inc., is exactly that - a pretend company.

This project will guide students through the process of introducing a database to a web site; how to use basic SQL to bring data from a database file and have it display online.

Prior to completing this project, students should have completed the assigned readings for the week. Complete instructions are within the course materials for Week 14 of Fall 2011 semester.

Click here to view an example.

Best wishes,

Cheryl Burgess, Course Instructor and Author